About Us

We have four physiotherapists and five clinical Pilates instructors. There are 3 private treatment rooms. Tralee Physiotherapy Clinic has a fully equipped rehabilitation studio which is supervised by qualified physiotherapists. We offer a specialised rehabilitation service.  Our programs apply the latest research in exercise and rehabilitation.

We believe we are a fresh, innovative and forward thinking private Chartered Physiotherapy clinic. Castleisland Physiotherapy clinic which has been open for (more than 10 years) is a sister clinic to Tralee Physiotherapy Clinic.

All of our Physiotherapists are Chartered, which means they are either Members of the Irish regulatory body for Physiotherapy – the ISCP, or the (UK regulatory body for Physiotherapy – the CSP.) Our physios regularly partake in internal and recognised external professional development courses to further their knowledge, expand their skill set and expertise, and meet training guidelines. (taking from the physio company)

Our Physiotherapists provide: 

– a high level of expert supervision

– individually designed programs to meet specific goals

– a motivating environment to exercise

– assistance with injury recovery and prevention

– programs that improve overall quality of life

– individual or small group sessions at convenient times

– home and independent gym programs

– regular reviews

– ongoing communication with your health care team

The environment is supportive, friendly and informal with an emphasis on education to allow you to self manage your health or pain problems.

Our rehabilitation staff have helped a variety of people achieve their functional goals. These range from adolescents with pain and movement problems, retirees wishing to play golf, to elite athletes needing to return to international competition.
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